I'll be sending the game to Tokyo Game Show Friday, so it's been back to the crunchy seat since a couple weeks.

Ew stuff

LAN is gone for now (multiplayer is scary), and am back to split screen. The AI is up and running (colorful, but stupid), with 2D space enemy avoidance and some basic rubberbanding. I finally managed to get dirty with 2.5d effects for the boost, and the overall look of the foliage as well as the cliff area has been upgraded ever so slightly.

Man I love speed lines.

Why are we doing this again?

Now, turns out I might be doing the classic noob mistake of overworking to the point where fun takes passenger seat. There's so much good stuff going on right now - big announcements and new prospects, added features, upgraded visuals, plans for the future, dreams of Bayonetta body pillows.

Things are picking up speed but it's hard to relax and savour the moment. Making the demo with no expectations was hard work but no risk. But the more you have, the more you can screw up - decisions become a lot scarier, and you risk losing sight of what got you started in the first place.

I guess the challenge after friday will be the biggest one yet - learning how to downshift and enjoy the ride. I mean, I'm actually making a freaking game. What.