The past week has been a mixture of "did that just happen?" and "wtf do I do now?".
Well the answer came fast 💦, and while I haven't heard back from BitSummit there's definitely some titillating stuff happening to Aya Blaze. Not jinxing anything, but as soon as possible, beans will be spilled at ye olde ABZ "social" channels.

Status update

Went into low gear after delivery, but stuff's going down with effects (mesh particles are 😎), UI clarifications, optimization, graphics options, as well as opening the door to the wonderful world of PID controllers that allow for smooth, automated machinery steering. These controllers excite me so much - and have the cutest abbreviation - I hope to dedicate a future post on the incredible sensation of having a machine in a machine in a machine.


But until then, here's something private. Some have asked what organizational tools were used in order to employ this fantastic demo in just three weeks - so here's the highly organized and moderated todo-list that was the project backbone during the road to BitSummit.

Please enjoy this glimpse into the structure and integrity required to bring something this complex home in 21 days.

Bare minimum  
Tier 1  
    X A SHITTY level
    X One player

Tier 2  
    X  Prototype graphics (matrix, gradients))

Tier 3 (tech)  
    X Fix bouncy edges (smooth edges fixes it?) wait til after glitch effects)
    X  Placeholder Start Menu
    X Pause menu
    X  Split screen (2 gamepads) (fix HUD)
    X Nitro pads
    X Grass patches around track

Tier 4  
   X  A decent level
   X! Basic enviro finished (omg getting there.................?)
   X Make the nitro pads mini-boosts instead of long ones

Tier 5  
   X Procedural edges/walls not needed since smooth!
      Clean up level splines, fix kinks, connect

Tier 6  
X  Basic Ship material  
X. Logo + nice start screen  


Tier 8  
/ Background painting / mountains
/. Extra Level details
/ Juice
X  Visual glitch and impact effects < implement in BP  
    Music engine

Tier 7  
    AI :(

Tier 9  
    Item pickups
    Missile item
    Mine item
    Nitro item

    X Spawn forest ALONG SPLINE
    X  Inari fences model
    X Kitty Wave + stone shader
    X Reply on the japan forum!
     X Daisy chain road splines (tech) - DO IT BY HAND
     X Y Split
    /  Style cliff area

X   Slow mo when you hit the goal? No  
X   Split shaders for Inari gate mesh  
X   Slap strafe  
X   Check how foreign devs in Kyoto manage  
X. Floating road thickness believable  
X  Fix nitro crashes (do we even have those?)  
!  Math corkscrew.......................? <refine

Days 1-3 go for OK QUALITY. Save refine for last day  
Day 1 - playtesting, refining, bug squashing, add nitro use  
Day 2 - look, shading, level details, particles  
Day 3 - UI, packaging  
Day 4 - tweaks

1 DAY;  
X Menu / Interface COMPLETE

2 DAY;  
X. Level COMPLETE with twists/turns  
/  Dress set

3 DAY;  
/  Fix level glitches (collision mostly)
 Complete dress setting, mostly end of level
    Airplane trail
    Speed lines(particles)
    Quit button (menu)
X Time end didnt make it

Scoreboard is too low at 720p

0 DAY;  

X Install FMOD  
X Implement Audio  
X Implement ghosts + saving + shader  
X Scoreboard glitch

/ Look at AI

X Add nitro pads, test level  
X While testing, add fences where needed  
X Fix playerinput from PC controller  
X Time trial 1P  
/ Time trial 2P - just test it - wtf foesmt fuckobg worl

THREE BOSTS - item resets all three - crashing resets one  
OR time resets all three lienarly

(make your own highscore name icon)

Speed cam shake

Easy mode

X  Leaderboard shit)

X  WTF instability??  
X  Sphere for side collision, box for bottom collision!!  
X   More rails/saves!  
X  Quick - Disable nitro before game starts  
X. Software crash on start? - fixed loop  
X. Ship crash/fly away reset/safeguard  
X (Mini nitro system + placeholder icon)  
 X Refine corkscrews roads/rebuild
 X More extremes/fun at cliffs
X Clarify handbrake

X  Shading!!/Look  
X  Make Corner Arrow signs  
/  Place corner arrow signs
X  Ship shader  
X  (Environment mountain) 3D first  
X Glitch FX

X Nicer leaderboard) - prototype in PS!Black opacity slate?  
X Nicer Race HUD  
X Nicer start screen  
X Fix end of level - solid mesh?  
        - Placeholder music
        + Simple SFX
        + Responsive music system
X Ship backlight/nitro/throttle/gas effects  
X Environment bits and painting  
        ^first landscape ass placeholder - works for now

X Finish start menu  
    Add options for rez/audio/qual

(Normal map speed rain disp)

    Speed lines <-overlay post
    (Grass foliage) <needs more work

X  Post processing bug!!!!!

For fun:  
 X Ugly ocean shader

On the list:  
   X Light build bug

First person camera switch??  
X  Finish level layout