Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This last day was a sprint if I ever experienced one lol.

Just before bed this morning I accepted that the AI won't get finished, but racing someone is too fun to miss out on. So after getting some hours in the sack, a simple demo system was pieced together, I recorded myself racing the track, and added vs GHOST mode. What better way to empower the player than a mode where you race the creator?
First game to be developed by a dead person

Then, the trooper who was helping out with audio had fallen asleep in front of the computer while I was resting, so after the ghost was kinda doing its thing the .wavs had to be wrestled into the engine and a makeshift event system for audio was setup.

This picture is dope, but unrelated.

Then, of course, delivery came along and the slimy bugs that had kept hidden away in the dark crawled out from underneath the bed and jumped the game hard while packaging.

But then it happened~

For your consideration.

I want to share the state aya blaze was in on this fateful day of submission and prototyping complete. A lot will be happening in the coming months, so see this as an indicator and a milestone 😌🚬

Video password: bitsummit

These are the screenshots and video BitSummit received along with the build. Not quite ready to splurge all of it on social media, but for anyone who made it to this corner of the internet, check it out 👯

Stay tuned

These weeks have been so intense. I've learned tons, leveled up my skillset considerably, been exposed to the warm and caring side of indie game dev communities. I've received cheers and words of encouragement from frengers all over the world, made friends and colleagues, and my faith in this new creative world I'm entering has been thoroughly cemented.

Now, I thought this was gonna be a huge moment of relief, but I'm kinda sad that the bubble burst and this intense rush of optimism, naivety and hard work is cooling down.

But we'll blaze. I'll do a post mortem in the coming days, sharing some of the process and chaos that went on in front of this TFT panel, so check in later.